updated 2.2.2019


Berry Smoothie.                                 60
Greek Yoghurt, banana, strawberries

pineapple and banana smoothie   55

Sourdough and cashew butter       70/50
Honey toasted muesli                       75
With homemade Bulgarian yoghurt
Banana and berries
Coconut, seed muesli                        75
With yoghurt, banana and berries
Avo, our house pesto &
Roasted tomatoes on toast               72
Sourdough or rye
Peri Peri free-range chicken livers 102/85
With a poached egg
Fried or soft poached eggs               74
With Parmesan and basil pesto
Bacon/Salmon benedict                  96
Soft or hard eggs, sourdough or rye
Eggs Florentine                                 86
Herbed salmon scramble.               86
Drizzled with cream cheese
Veg scramble eggs                                     85
With red onion, red pepper, courgette,
Mushroom, spinach & feta

Curried mince with poached eggs 98
On your choice of toast
French toast 85
With bacon, banana & cinnamon syrup OR
With berry compote, crème fraiche &
Lemon curd

Scrambled or soft poached eggs 52
On toast
Prefer zero carb? No Problem!


Tomatoes  (Sautéed baby Tom) 22
Avo                                                  26

Bacon                                              32
Chorizo                                           38
Mushroom or spinach                 24
Montagu cheddar                         15
Salmon half or full                       36/56
Zero Carb Bread (Add an extra R10 to meal)

Open faced danish sandwiches: (all day)

Rare beef and remoulade with cheddar, red onion and mixed greens       60

Hard boiled egg with cheddar, mustard mayo and mixed greens   55

Apple and bacon with cheddar cheese and assorted greens   60

All day breakfast wrap with scrambled eggs, chorizo and salsa  88


Salmon/Veg tart & side salad.                90/72
Simple but delicious
Mushrooms with tomato and artichokes   125
Aubergine Bake.                                           96
With tomatoes, parmesan & crème fraiche
Yellow Asian Chicken Curry.                112
With cauliflower rice                                                                

Meatballs and quinoa with roasted tomato and red pepper sauce, basil and Parmesan                            110

A bowl of Goodness                                              Steamed aubergine, sticky brown rice, toasted tofu with soy sesame dressing                120



Chicken with spicy harissa
And date dressing.                                      95
Tuna, fennel & caper berries
With homemade aioli.                               85


Chicken & pesto mayo.                              88
With roasted tomatoes, caramelized
Onion & rocket

Rainbow greens with vegan Parmesan 80

Add a free range chicken breast /35 OR smoked
Salmon trout to any of our salads 35/55

Beluga Lentil and asparagus salad with poached egg, radish,Parmesan and Dijon mustard dressing 112

Starlings chopped salad.  87
With red cabbage, cranberries/dried figs,
Cashews, feta, roasted butternut & avo

Caesar salad
Chicken, avo, bacon, grana padano cheese,
A boiled egg & anchovy dressing  112