On our mind: your local

We don’t advertise. We don’t have a sign on our wall.


We aren’t chefs.


We we are a local that welcomes everyone who comes through our door offering a respite from the day to day.


We care about carefully sourced  produce well prepared accompanied by a Flat White we are proud to serve.


A coffee shop behind a hedge. Just that


Treasure Seeker

At Starlings we sometimes feel a twinge of guilt with always being the treasure seeker. More important things to do. But..

“Too often, we treat art and design as superficial, a protest at the painful idea we are dependent for our well being on rather costly forms of decoration. But we should stop treating beauty as a luxury and start to respect it for what it has always been: the most immediately available and, on some days, the most powerfully effective kind of therapy.”

Alain de Botton  in Art as Therapy