Treasure Seeker

At Starlings we sometimes feel a twinge of guilt with always being the treasure seeker. More important things to do. But..

“Too often, we treat art and design as superficial, a protest at the painful idea we are dependent for our well being on rather costly forms of decoration. But we should stop treating beauty as a luxury and start to respect it for what it has always been: the most immediately available and, on some days, the most powerfully effective kind of therapy.”

Alain de Botton  in Art as Therapy

I could fall in love everyday!


A dear customer at Starlings was being teased about her current “crush.” She blushed beautifully and laughed saying she could fall in love everyday.

Love always catches our attention so we got to thinking. How great to fall in love everyday. With a person, a place, a thing, an idea or a taste. Being in love makes you passionate, attentive and excited with the possibilities. We hope you experience the love in Starlings..